Vendor Spotlight: Elizabeth Nord Photography

Vendor Spotlight: Elizabeth Nord Photography

We’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth Nord of Elizabeth Nord Photography on a could weddings and she is just so much fun! Her passion for photography really shows through in her photos, so we couldn’t wait to sit down and talk with her about her inspirations, her business and most importantly, her favorite food!

Jewell Events Catering: How long have you been in business?
Elizabeth Nord Photography: I’ve been in business for 4 years now! I started my business when I was in college in 2011 and have been a full time photographer since 2014.

JEC: In three words, describe what your company does.
ENP: Photojournalistic, romantic, photography

JEC: What is one thing that sets you and your company apart from other photographers?
ENP: I go above and beyond for my wedding clients and do everything that I can to help my brides and grooms be as stress-free as possible throughout the wedding planning process as well as on the day of the wedding.  I love to refer amazing vendors to my couples and they know that they can come to me with any questions that they have (photography related or not).  I am emotionally invested in my couples, so I want the best for them and their big day.  I treat them as if they were my best friends: I answer their questions promptly and honestly, they feel comfortable with me and trust me, and we give each other big hugs at the end of the night.

JEC: Where does your inspiration come from?
ENP: I find inspiration in the arts, specifically music and paintings, as well as through love-filled relationships, whether it be between kids and their parents, a couple in love, a dog and his owner, or a sibling bond.

JEC: What is one emerging trend for events next year?
ENP: I would have to say that the biggest trend that I’m seeing for 2016 couples is the use of unique venues.  Couples are choosing venues that tell their love story.  It’s more than just having a pretty venue to get married in. The next closest would have to be having chicken and waffles at the cocktail hour. YUM!

JEC: What is the craziest or most fun event you have done so far? (No names, just some fun details!)
ENP: This actually hasn’t happened yet, but one of my July weddings is doing some really cool Chinese wedding traditions that I’d never heard of! The groom has to knock on the door of the bride’s room, but instead of the bride answering the door, her parents answer it.  Her parents ask the groom a series of tough questions and then give him some sort of physical activity to do to basically prove that he can take care of their daughter.  After that, he has to repeat the process with the bridesmaids.  Then, the bridesmaids take him to the bride’s room where he has to re-propose in front of everyone.  So cute!

JEC: What is one thing you wish everyone knew about your business?
ENP: I wish that everyone knew how much time goes into being a wedding photographer.  We don’t just work one day a week and goof off the rest of the time.  We’re constantly emailing, meeting clients, editing, networking, updating social media, learning about SEO, going to workshops to better ourselves and our trade, and the list goes on and on.  Running a business is no joke! Also, don’t even get me starting on taxes! Haha!

JEC: What is the best piece of advice you can give someone planning an event?
ENP: The best piece of advice I would have to give someone planning an event would be to have an amazing photographer, great music, and good food and drinks! With those, you’re bound to have an amazing event and someone to document it all! The rest will fall into place.  Don’t stress too much about the little things or about things you may not care about.  Hire a wedding planner!  Or if your budget doesn’t allow it, be sure to delegate tasks to your friends and family!  Delegating is your best friend when it comes to wedding planning.

JEC: What is your favorite ‘hidden gem’ restaurant in Chicago?
ENP: Oh gosh, I absolutely love food and Chicago’s restaurants.  It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorite hidden gem restaurant lately is Hubbard Inn.  I found this place after going to brunch there with a friend a few months ago and have loved it ever since.  It has such a warm and inviting dining space and I love the lights hanging around the bar! Not only is it gorgeous inside, but it has amazing food, too!

JEC: What is your favorite part about being in the industry?
ENP: My favorite part about being in the wedding industry is the people.  I absolutely love meeting new clients, getting to hear their love story, finding out how he proposed, and being with them throughout the wedding planning process.  I love to connect with my clients on social media, get to know them, their likes and dislikes, and finding commonalities between us!  And they love it too!  Often times, they have become life long friends of mine! They know my husband, love hearing about my dog Charlie, and like to keep up with me and my work even after their wedding day!

JEC: If you were a type of food, what would you be and why?
ENP: If I were to be a particular type of food, I would choose Mexican cuisine.  I choose this type of cuisine because I am a big lover of carbs (SO bad, I know!).  I am always in the mood for tacos, burritos, or nachos. Variations of these dishes have become a staple at my home.

Elizabeth, thanks so much for sitting with us! Can’t wait for our next event with you!

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