Jewell Green Initiative


We at Jewell Events Catering have always focused on maintaining our classic standards of food and service, while advancing through innovation, progressive culinary development, embracing technology and recognizing global realities.


For that reason, we have established the Jewell Green Initiative, acknowledging our place in the larger world and our responsibilities to it. Our challenge as caterers is to be stewards of the environment while maintaining our premier-class cuisine.


Our Ten Point Jewell Green Initiative


  1. One of the first Chicago caterer’s to purchase renewable energy credits to offset environmental footprint of events
  2. Conversion of used kitchen grease to biofuel
  3. Develop recipes which deliciously highlight local and artisan products.
  4. Adhere to environmental guidelines and sustainable practices, such as The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List.
  5. Use compostable disposable products made from renewable resources (sugar cane stalk plates and potato-based cutlery) in Jewell To Go.
  6. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  7. Comprehensive Composting & Recycling Program
  8. Use of Energy Star Rated Appliances
  9. Utilization of locally sourced goods
  10. Environmentally conscious food purchasing