Our Gardens


Planting Seeds For a Better Tomorrow

Jewell Events Catering is proud to be a leader in offering unique farm-to-table options throughout our menus. We are delighted to utilize harvested produce from our local, urban gardens throughout Chicago. We firmly believe our responsibility as an industry leading foodservice company is to teach the importance of sustainable gardening. We are committed to provide education on how to prepare delicious and nutritious recipes with home grown produce.


Edible Treasures Garden – The Field Museum, Chicago

Jewell Events Catering is proud to have utilized harvested produce from The Edible Treasures Garden, on the West Terrace of Chicago’s historic landmark, The Field Museum. The garden was conceptualized by A Greener Field, the Museum’s “green team”. Working together with A Greener Field and The Peterson Garden Project, we developed 8 large raised bed gardens to showcase organic herbs and vegetables. All plants are grown from rare and heritage seeds provided by Seed Savers Exchange of Decorah, Iowa. Managed and tended by the Field Museum community, the mission of the garden is to demonstrate the importance of urban vegetable gardening and show how to use fresh produce in nutritious and delicious meals.


Global Garden – Albany Park, Chicago

Jewell Events Catering is excited to support The Global Garden which is a project supported by The Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program. At the garden, refugees from around the world share their gardening strengths which enable them to create their own income and food security in Chicago. We at Jewell Events Catering have purchased produce and are able to grow unique edible selections that enhance just about any meal.


Garfield Produce Company – Garfield Park, Chicago

Garfield Produce Company is an urban hydroponic farm located in Chicago’s west side that seeks to empower our community. The garden’s mission is to grow the healthiest and freshest produce and advance the latest innovation in vertical farming technology. From baby kale to micro-greens, we are proud to utilize produce from Garfield Produce Company which minimizes the carbon footprint and food miles travels which benefit the overall effects on our environment.


Green Sense Farms – Portage, Indiana

Jewell Events Catering is proud to partner with Green Sense Farms because they are transforming farming by growing leafy greens in stacking vertical towers, 365 days a year. They grow high quality crops consistently, using automated computer controls, which provide the precise amount of light, nutrients, water, temperature, and humidity, so we can harvest year-round. Green Sense Farms is a high tech agriculture company that is constantly innovating and developing better ways to grow indoors that use less energy, reduce greenhouse gas emission, minimize waste, and recycle water to produce the best crop.


Stay tuned to our social media pages for updates on our harvests and new Garden Recipe Series.