Trend Alert: Fall Food Trends Part 2

Trend Alert: Fall Food Trends Part 2

We know you couldn’t wait to find out the rest of this Fall’s food trends. So without further adieu, here is part 2 of Fall 2014’s hottest food trends. Hopefully these have inspired your menu for your next event!

Don’t forget the grains!

More grains like amaranth, faro, wheat berries and quinoa are replacing traditional sides such as mashed potatoes and carrots. Having some of these grains puffed can add a whole new dimension to salads and other dishes as well.

Breakfast for dinner.

Everyone loves breakfast and there is no reason it can’t have a place at your wedding. Try a late night snack of mini egg sandwiches on biscuits or savory mini pancakes for a starter with sausage. Or get creative and have a duck egg with pork belly as an entrée.

Interactive food experiences.

Food is no longer enough, guests now want dinner AND a show. From omelet station to a ‘decorate your own’ cupcake bar, everything is customizable. Anything that can be created in front of your guests is sure to be a hit!

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