Trend Alert: Entrees and Sides

Trend Alert: Entrees and Sides

Drinks have been enjoyed, appetizers nibbled on, and dessert already set, but without a doubt, the thing everyone remembers at an event is the main course! Luckily, we know exactly what to do to leave guests in awe!

New Cuts of Meat & Fish
This is probably the best trend to hit 2015/2016 for hosts and hostess. Utilizing new/different cuts of meat along with non-traditional fish usually means that food costs go down. Chef’s that are familiar with these cuts of meat know what to do to make these cuts just as tender as a filet and as flavorful as a strip, often at a fraction of the cost. This also breathes new life into nose to tail eating, only without as much of the tail end!

Who You Calling Ancient – Grains?
Ancient Grains are having their moment in 2015. They give you an opportunity to take a traditional dish and give it a unique spin, while still offering up a starch for guests. Typically used for side dishes or great vegetarian alternatives, many of these ancient grains can be incorporated into desserts as well!

Eat All the Grass!
With many people becoming more concerned about the food their food is eating, it makes sense that grass-fed beef is still trending. Cows were meant to eat grass (and flowers and clovers), not corn. Utilizing grass-fed beef gives dishes an interesting flavor, usually mimicking what the cattle was grazing on. Suddenly, a dish everyone has had before tastes completely new with just one small ingredient adjustment.

A great combination of sour and crunchy, salty and flavorful, pickled vegetables bring an unexpected burst of flavor to a dish. Using them as a garnish on an otherwise heavy side lends a certain brightness and umami, which is perfect for giving your palette a surprise!

While trends will always come and go, remember, good taste is always in style!

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