Trend Alert: Cocktail Trends

Trend Alert: Cocktail Trends

The National Restaurant Association just wrapped up another fabulous NRA Show 2015 at McCormick Place last week in Chicago. After a week full of great information, delicious food and drink and innovative technologies, we’re excited to share trends that are continuing through 2015 as well as some new ones that will be popping up.


This week, we’re focusing on one of the most important aspects of any event, cocktail hour! From locally produced spirits to edible cocktails, the trends hitting 2015 hard are buzz-worthy to say the least!

Micro-distilled/Artisan Spirits/Locally Produced Beer, Wine & Spirits

The easiest way to control the quality of a beverage (or food for that matter) is to make small batches, and even better, know the distiller! When alcohol or beer is produced for 5000 people instead of 500,000, the flavors can change, better quality ingredients can be used, and the end result is something that has been nurtured over time.

Culinary Cocktails

Chefs and bartenders have been separated since the beginning of time, but 2015 is the year to break down the wall and start using the expertise from the kitchen behind the bar. Full of flavor with lots of depth, culinary cocktails are going far beyond an oyster shooter.
House-Brewed Beer

A great chef knows what beers will go great with his or her food, so why not bring that process in house. Brewmasters are able to control exactly what goes into their brew and can make the perfect recommendation for the delicious meal you’re about to enjoy.

Edible Cocktails

A far cry from the jello shots you may have known in college, edible cocktails are bringing a new level of fun and excitement to events. From wine sorbet to delicious ‘pop-tails’, there are many ways to enjoyably eat your cocktails! Look for upscale, molded gelatin bites, ‘pop-tails’ and adult shakes in the coming months to pop up on menus everywhere!

What trend on this list are you most excited to see??

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