Top 22 Trends for 2022

One sure way to make your next special event stand out from the rest is by incorporating trends for the year. For 2022, we’re seeing a continued focus on locally sourced, artisanal items while tropical flavors and alternative plant based proteins are sure to have their shining moment. Read on and click here to learn what trends your Jewell culinary team is projecting for this year!

1. Retro zero-proof mocktails
2. Heritage foods & ancestral menus
3. Island flavors & tropical ingredients
4. Hibiscus & floral flavors
5. Plant based proteins
6. Middle Eastern cuisine
7. Sweet & spicy combinations
8. Ghost kitchens
9. Milk alternatives
10. Mushrooms
11. Over the top cakes 
12. Ultra urban farming
13. Traditional tea service
14. High end ingredients
15. At home dinner parties
16. Asian cuisine and candies 
17. Sunflower seeds
18. Traditional breads
19. Simplified plate-up
20. “Covid safe” packaged meals
21. Yuzu fruit and flavors
22. Indoor sustainable farming

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