Jewell Cares: Teams Get Chopped!

Jewell Cares: Teams Get Chopped!

Okay, we didn’t all get chopped, just one team, but,  a fun little known fact about the sales team and warehouse team at Jewell Events Catering…we can all cook just as well as our chefs!! We decided to engage in a little ‘friendly’ competition ala a Chopped-style cook-off. If you aren’t familiar, that means each team received a basket full of mystery ingredients including some items you would never think to pair together. Each team then had full access to our kitchen and additional ingredients to complete their dish, which needed to be presented to judges in 30 minutes.

Round One was a basket with boneless skinless chicken breast, strawberries, zucchini and GUMMY BEARS! There were 4 teams of 4 that made some pretty impressive dishes. The difference between the first place team and the team that was chopped was less than 2 points! Teams were awarded points based on presentation, creativity and use of the mystery ingredients. Luckily for the judges, every plate was edible, the chicken was all cooked through and our teams definitely excelled in creativity!

Each team brought their own twist to the challenge and took full advantage of the 30 minute time clock! Team 2 opted for some sweet potatoes, which generally take a little bit more than 30 minutes, but they pulled it off and made their gummy bear sweet potatoes taste pretty incredible! Team 1 brought the heat with a maple-ghost pepper infused gummy bear sauce. Team 3 upped the ante with a gummy bear cocktail while Team 4 pulled out the big guns by incorporating bacon in their dish. While all the dishes were tasty, we don’t anticipate gummy bear glaze showing up on a menu anytime soon!

Click through the photos to see each dish and some action shots! And stay tuned for Round 2, coming up soon! If you have any suggestions for the mystery box, be sure to post them on our Facebook wall!

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