Vendor Spotlight: Soirée Weddings & Events

Vendor Spotlight: Soirée Weddings & Events

It’s that time again! We’re sitting down with one of our  favorite planners, Tiffany  Munster from Soirée Weddings & Events. Read on for her inspiration, tips, and some fun facts!

Jewell Events Catering: How long have you been in business?

Soirée Weddings & Events: We were founded in 2010, in July of 2015 we’ll be celebrating 5 years!

JEC: In no more than 3 words, describe what your company does.
SWE: Chic Custom Events

JEC: What is one thing that sets you/your company apart from others?
SWE: I think it’s that we can work magic with almost any budget. I mean, obviously the budget has to be realistic, given the guest count, location, etc. But anyone can plan an amazing event with an unlimited budget, but the point is you don’t have to be a millionaire to do it. We are pros at planning a wedding on a decent budget that looks like a million bucks (but doesn’t cost a million bucks!). I know that our strength is matching up our clients with exceptional vendors that work with our  client’s “realistic budgets” while working creatively to get the most bang for your buck. Listen, we are the ones that have to manage our clients funds for the wedding. So we know what comes in and goes out – we want to make the best of that budget. Whether you are the client with the conservative budget or the client who says to me “what’s a budget?” point is we know how to efficiently allocate funds and create an event that looks like we spent twice the money! We are probably one of the best at doing that!

JEC: Where does your inspiration come from?
SWE: From our clients of course! As we get to know them throughout the planning process. We like to insert fun elements about them: Places they have traveled together, foods they love, things that reflect their personalities, their passions and interests, their love story…We collaborate with our clients to create events that represent them. We don’t want to cut and paste an event that someone has seen on Pinterest. We work together with the couple to bring their vision to life.

JEC: What is one emerging trend for events next year?
SWE: Friday weddings! Couples who are just recently engaged do not want to wait until 2016 for a Saturday in their month of choice. So they are opting for Fridays to get the venue they want in the month they want. It also allows for them to enjoy Saturday’s with their guests – whether it be a brunch, a city outing, or a sports event. We like it too – it sometimes helps save on the budget as some venues discount the rental rate for a non-Saturday rental.

JEC: What is the craziest or most fun event you’ve done (no names, just some details!)?
SWE: Ya know, this is like having to choose your favorite kid, right? Ok, craziest and fun – this past June, I planned a ‘Burning Man Meets Alice in Wonderland Fell Down The Rabbit Hole/Rave’ wedding. If that computes. It was incredible, and simply, unlike any wedding that I had ever done before. It was creative and imaginative and completely out of the “wedding box”. It was held at a night club, guests were encouraged to dress creatively, even the bride and groom had 3 outfit changes. We had silks aerialists suspended from the ceiling who performed during the ceremony. Elaborately dressed dancers, creative takes on food and desserts. It was a fun one – and most importantly, it was totally them! The wedding encapsulated everything that this couple loved. Friends, good food, great DJs and music, and over the top Burning Man-like costumes. Truly epic, and one that will go down in the books for sure!

JEC: What is one thing you wish everyone knew about your business?
SWE: We also travel! Destination weddings are a big passion of ours. So far, we have been mostly in Northern California/Wine Country and Mexico. We will plan an event almost anywhere. But we wouldn’t mind a few in Italy…just sayin!

JEC: What’s the best piece of advice you can give someone planning an event?
SWE: Be prepared to spend the money. Amazing vendors don’t just grow on trees – meaning they aren’t free (or nearly free). Everything costs money, and unfortunately, due to our lovely economy these days, things are just getting more expensive. If you’re planning a wedding in Chicago, you probably are not going to spend the same as your sister who got married in Wisconsin in 2003. Also, there is only so much you can DIY. The weddings you see on Pinterest and Style Me Pretty probably were not DIY. Book professionals – if they don’t have a website, email address @domaine name, business contact, or aren’t insured – RUN! Planners can help match you up with appropriate (and professional!) vendors that are in your budget, but who also compliment your aesthetic and personality. If you are wondering – what does it cost to get married in Chicago in 2015? Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation and budget review, we will review all costs and tell you about the services we provide!

JEC: What’s your favorite ‘hidden gem’ restaurant in Chicago?
SWE: (also like asking me to choose my favorite kid!) ok- I am going to give you my top 5! 1. Perennial – because I can walk from my office and be there in 1 minute. And because everything is amazing every time. 2. Green Zebra because it’s fun and different and all veggie. 3. Le Colonial – location of my first date with the hubs and also the annual anniversary dinner location. 4. Maudes – creme brulee…yum! 5. And if I MUST venture out to the ‘burbs (if you know me, I am not keen on doing that very often!) Antico Posto in Oak Brook, every time I go the food is great and the Italian is very authentic! The service has always been exceptional! PS – I am probably forgetting one and I will be mad when I remember later! Oh well, if there are more I’ll add a comment below!

JEC: What is your favorite part about being in the industry?
SWE: I am truly fortunate to be included in this industry. We are all like a family. I have never before seen such a wonderful and supportive group of professionals. We lift each other up, support each other, praise one another and we all cooperate to make our events perfect. Team work and dedication is what this group is built upon. I am lucky to know them and most of all – call them my friends.

JEC: If you were a type of food, what would you be and why?
SWE: Cheese. I just can’t live without it! So many forms, so many types, melts so many different ways. It makes so many dishes that much better. Pizza, mac n’ cheese – what would they be if it weren’t for cheese? I could probably do a whole blog on all the different types of cheese that I love! In the words of Michael Scott from The Office, “If I were allergic to dairy, I think I would kill myself.”

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