Jewell Cares: Working Out At Work

Jewell Cares: Working Out At Work

While summer starts to wind down, it’s easy to start getting a little more relaxed with your workouts. Need a few reasons why you should keep those workouts going? Exercise has been shown not only to help reduce stress but it also helps boost creativity and increase productivity. Plus, exercising even in short bursts can help boost those happy chemicals we all want more of!

It can sometimes be hard to get to the gym for a workout every day, but here are a few simple exercises you can do sitting at your desk, stopped at traffic, or waiting for your dinner date.

  • Skip that email and get up instead. Walk over to your colleague and have a quick chat (on the go preferably) rather than sending an instant message or email.
  • Give your shoulders a shrug. Every hour while sitting, raise your shoulders up to your ears, roll them back, and press your shoulder blades down your back. Repeat 5 times for an instant stress reliever.
  • Squeeze those glutes. In a meeting? No worries! Squeeze your glutes for 5-10 seconds, then release. Repeat as many times and your bottom can handle!
  • Get your dance on…when no one is looking of course! Put on some great tunes and shake it all out. Get your arms moving too for an added bonus.
  • Stretch it out. Sitting with your feet flat on the floor, raise your arms up over your head, clasp your hands together and push your hands up as high as they can go, holding for 10 seconds. Repeat 10-12 times.
  • Switch up your seat. Swap out your desk chair for a stability or a stability ball chair. This will help engage your abdominals more than sitting in a regular chair.
  • Lift a leg. Cross your legs at your ankles and bring both feet off the ground with your legs extended straight in front of you. Raise your legs 15 times, switch the way they’re crossed, and lift for another 15 reps.

Go through all of these exercises a few times a day and you’ll be feeling like a new person!

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