Jewell Cares: Create an Ideal Seating Arrangement

Jewell Cares: Create an Ideal Seating Arrangement

The key to a successful dinner party hinges more on a small detail many hosts’ over look…the seating arrangement. This seemingly minor step in planning a dinner party is truly the difference between a wonderful evening full over conversation and an evening that your guests can’t wait to get away from. Sure, great food is important, but if your guests aren’t interacting, what difference does the food make? If the thought of creating an ideal seating plan makes you want to go running for the hills, have no fear! We’re sharing our insider secrets and years of experience to help you create the perfect arrangement, no matter what the occasion!

  1. Before you even start moving those place cards around, it is important to identify personality traits for your guests. Is Beth really shy while Mark tends to be more outgoing and boisterous? Write down your guest’s names with one or two words to describe them before you start assigning seats.
  1. The host. As the host or hostess, it is important that you sit near the kitchen so that you can easily run in to grab more wine, extra napkins, or food. Try to place yourself at one of the head’s of the table so you can have a clear view of all your guests as well.
  1. The Talker. Because she always has something to say about whatever anyone is talking about, placing the talkative guest in the middle of the table is a great move. She can direct the conversation and will be able to jump in with a new topic if the conversation gets stale.
  1. The Shy Guy. Look to seat someone who is a little bit more shy or introverted next to the talker or someone who is really charismatic. They’ll either help the shy guest come out of their shell, or they’ll divert attention away from the introvert.
  1. The Comedian. Steer the funny guest towards the end of the table. This way, they won’t overwhelm conversation with their jokes or funny comments, but can keep the party feeling light and lively down at one end of the table.

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  1. The Co-Host. If your party has a co-host, seat them on the opposite end of the table from you. By doing this, they’ll be mindful of empty drinks or guests that might need some more food. Plus, you won’t be tempted to have conversation with only them throughout the night! (This rule applies for couples as well).

Hopefully these tips will help your next dinner party leave guests remembering lively conversation, great food, and even better friends! Cheers!

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