Chef Secrets: Creating Your Signature Cocktail

Chef Secrets: Creating Your Signature Cocktail

Have you ever had a cocktail so perfectly matched to an event that the flavors linger in your mind and you’re reminded of this event for months to come? I have, and let me tell you, it’s pretty amazing,

When a mixologist strikes that balance of sweet and sour with just enough alcohol, it’s a magical thing. And there is no reason you can’t replicate that same feeling at home!

With just three simple steps, you’re next cocktail will be one to remember!

1)   Think it through! Create your cocktail around the feel of your party and what your guests like. Large winter party? Why not make a sparkling punch of some sort? Smaller more intimate dinner? How about a martini highlighting fresh, seasonal ingredients?

2)   Pick your liquor. You’ll probably already have a good idea of what liquor you’re going to use based on the crowd or type of people that will be attending your event.

3)   A little bit of sweet, a little bit of sour. Have fun with your sweet; it doesn’t need to be limited to just simple syrup. Muddle some fresh fruit or a little bit of agave. Sour is typically lemon or lime juice. If you’ve already got a drink that is too sweet, a dash of bitters can usually help.

Now that you have these simple steps, you can get creative with other add ins. The sweet, sour, and liquor are just the base!

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