Chef Secrets: Gourmet S’mores

Chef Secrets: Gourmet S’mores

Summer may be winding down, but it’s far from over! Growing up (and even now as an adult) one of my favorite summertime treats was a s’more. The perfectly toasted, gooey marshmallow and the melty chocolate, both carefully sandwiched between two crunchy graham crackers is absolute perfection.

With a few upgrades, s’mores can be elevated from childhood classic to gourmet desserts.

  1. Swap our your grahams – Try replacing graham crackers with your favorite cookie. Imagine a fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie or a delicious peanut butter cookie!
  2. Upgrade your chocolate – Forget the traditional chocolate squares and give a caramel filled chocolate a whirl. White chocolate goes beautifully with fruit (see #4)
  3. Put it on a stick – Or in a jar. S’mores don’t HAVE to be sandwiched between two cookies or graham crackers. In fact, they’re almost more fun to eat when they aren’t.
  4. Add some fruit – If there is fruit on there, it almost makes this a healthy dessert, right? Strawberries with white chocolate are a current obsession over here!
  5. Turn it into a bar – put out tons of different chocolates, fruits, cookies & other sandwichy things and let everyone get creative.

What’s your favorite way to reinvent the s’more?

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