About This Project

The Joinery
2533 W Homer St., Chicago, IL 60647


Founded as a dynamic new venue in the heart of Logan Square, the Joinery is available for all types and sizes of celebrations or for use as a day-light studio, production or gallery/performance space. The Joinery is a warm, multi-use space ready for your vision.

The Joinery has a storied past whose many incarnations have helped fuel our vision of its future. From manufacturing mop handles in the late industrial era to a rumored warehouse for the mob to its most recent role as a millwork shop—the artifacts of the past provide a backdrop for your use.

Taking inspiration from its life in woodworking, The Joinery is a venue to bring together your ideas, creativity and passion. From weddings, to graduations or as a studio or performance space, the Joinery’s intimate size, natural light and warm design welcome your next gathering.